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    Smart grid system

    AP330 power distribution protection

    AP330 power distribution protection, measurement and control device is featured with hardware and software modular design, where I/O module and software functional demand determine hardware module assembly and software functional configuration.

    It is a multi-functional protective device applied in design of overhead line feeder, cable feeder, motor feeder, transformer, condenser bank and reactor in power distributing substation, power plant, ship, offshore facilities and others.

    Provided with the latest advanced digital technique, AP330 realizes comprehensive power distribution management solution integrating protection, automation, control, measurement, event record, failure record and supervision.


    Perfect Solution
    ■  High-performance solution to feeder, motor, transformer, capacitor bank, or reactor protection applied in distribution system
    ■  Integration of protection, control, measurement, and supervision
    Human-Computer Interface
    ■  Multilingual large-size LCD screen for easy operation
    ■  Single line diagram for control, indication, and realtime  measurement
    ■  Programmable LED indicator
    ■  USB port on front panel
    Standard/Customized Configuration
    ■  Default configuration, for quick and efficient debugging
    ■  Customized programming for easy use
    ■  Powerful programmable logic controller of most applications
    Communication and Protocol
    ■  IEC 103
    ■  Modbus RTU/TCP

    Reliable and Flexible Hardware 
    ■  Modular design providing multiple communication and I/O extension modules
    ■  Designed for rigorous industrial conditions