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    High voltage switchgear

    GFM-126 gas-insulated switchgear

    GFM-126 gas-insulated switchgear takes SF6 gas, with excellent insulation performance, as insulation and arc extinguishing mediums to combine all components except for transformer in the substation, such as busbar,disconnector/earth switch, breaker, measurement and protection CT, lightning arrestor, high speed earth switch, cable connector and other high-voltage devices by modular construction, and it is a combination unit, sealed in metal shell which is full of SF6 gas. GIS is featured by high reliability, non-pollution, and convenient maintenance, long usage period while requiring small land, which can not be realized by most traditional air insulated switchgear. Meanwhile, GFM-126 also integrates intelligent technologies required by current intelligent substation, and blends electronic CT, merging unit, intelligent terminal, and on-line state monitoring to satisfy the requirements of IEC 61850 standard


    ■ GFM-126 product is equipped with three-phase common tank, and featured by miniaturization and compact design to make volume of the product smaller with the minimum width of 800mm.
    ■ GFM-126 product adopts aluminum alloy shell, with the characteristics of few eddy loss, low temperature rise, strong rust-proof capacity, light weight, and small volume, which avoids embedded channel steel, and saves civil cost and floor area.
    ■ Breaker of GFM-126 product adopts self-energy double room arc extinguishing chamber, and allocates disk spring energy storage hydraulic operating unit and spring operating unit to realize flexible selectivity.
    ■ GFM-126 product adopts hydraulic drive spring energy storage operating unit, jointly developed with German VOITH TURBO, which inherits process features and manufacture technology of German products. With huge operation power, direct energy transmission, few components, and using high energy efficient disk spring energy storage to replace traditional hydraulic unit of nitrogen energy storage,
    GFM-126 product can avoid defects of traditional hydraulic units. With simple structure, spring operation unit, self-researched and developed based on the original spring operation unit commonly used in domestic, reduces quantity of components, and improves reliability and stability of the unit as well.
    ■ GFM-126  product can allocate traditional electromagnetic CT or electronic CT according to the users’ requirements, which not only satisfy requirements of intelligent substation, but also meet the requirements of traditional substation,
    ■ GFM-126 product can allocate various intelligent components (1. merging unit; 2. intelligent terminal; 3. monitoring IED of mechanical property and relevant sensor; 4. SF6 density IED and sensor; 5. partial IED and sensor) based on the users’ requirements to satisfy intelligent substation’ s requirements of digital protection control towards combined electrical apparatus and on-line state monitoring.