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    Reactive Compensation Switching for GFM-126 Composite Apparatus for Qinghai Salt Lake Project Witness Over 500 Times of Normal Operation

    time 2016-03-18
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    According to the update from the site of PVC integration project by Qinghai Haina Chemical on December 12, 2015: the switching switch for GFM-126kV reactive power compensation capacitor bank developed by Huatech witnesses 500 times of normal operation! This is of great importance to the GFM-126kV composite apparatus developed by Huatech, signifying that GFM-126 composite apparatus can fully meet the needs for switching for 110kV voltage-grade reactive power compensation device.Qinghai Salt Lake project owner is Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Group Co., Ltd., which is one of the four major enterprises with resources advantages in Qinghai Province. It is also a leading backbone enterprise at Qaidam circular economy pilot area. It is located in China’s largest inland dry salt lake - Qarhan Salt Lake, and in semi-arid Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, at an altitude of up to 2600 meters. Affected by drought and high altitude, the low temperature cold lasts throughout the year, and the day and night temperature difference is up to 20℃, with a record low temperature of -33℃.The furnace equipment for the strategic project Qinghai Salt Lake magnesium metal integration and Haina Chemical PVC integration project under the new plan of Qinghai Lake Salt has exceedingly demanding requirements for the operating conditions of switching equipment for 110kV reactive power compensation capacitor bank, and shall meet the special requirements for frequent operation of circuit breakers, zero-crossing switching of breakers, and over-voltage suppression, etc. These requirements pose as insurmountable technical problems for domestic and overseas power transmission and distribution sectors. Coupled with the harsh external environment, it will undoubtedly make the equipment development even more difficult. It is reported that the program is one of the few in the world which directly uses GIS switchgear for the 110kV voltage-grade reactive power compensation switching. It is designed by the world-renowned Canadian design firm Hearst. The project includes five sub-stations, and a total of 35 breaker compartments.On the basis of many years of experience in GIS design and development, the custom-made GFM-126 reactive compensation zero-crossing switching device developed by Huatech is equipped with single-phase and split-phase hydraulic operating mechanism, and incorporates the features of high output power, small drift, and strong stability of the three-phase circuit breaker operating mechanism hydraulic developed in partnership with German VOITH, thus meeting the technical requirement of zero-crossing switching for zero capture. Later, improvements are made to the arc extinguish chamber and operating mechanism, so as to minimize overvoltage generated by capacitor switching. It ensures the owner’s high requirements for power system stability and safety production.“Technological innovation leading the trend” is the consistent idea held by Xiamen Huatech Switchgear Co., Ltd. Huatech will, as always, provide clients with high-quality, reliable and safe power transmission and distribution equipment, and make due contributions to the reliable operation of the grid!