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    Established in Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone of Xiamen in 2002, Xiamen Huadian Switchgear Co., Ltd is an International Joint Venture with registered capital of 100 million RMB and overall investment of 250 million RMB. Since the establishment, Xiamen Huadian has begun to introduce ,the world’s leading technologies and experience in power industry in accordance with the operation principle of “scientific innovation and people orientaion” and devoted ourselves to the research and development of intelligent power transmission and distribution equipment for providinge the customers with a complete products and solutions and to build Xiamen Huadian’s electrical brand “Huatech” meaning “in Touch with Technology”.

    Laying emphasis on the concept of “people focused”, Xiamen Huadian makes great efforts to build and strengthen comprehensive talent teams in all aspects such as research and development, manufacturing, sales, after-sales and management. R&D team of Xiamen Huadian is jointly formed by experts from China, Germany, France and, etc who have achieved accomplishments in their professional fields, while our manufacturing and management teams are well organized by people with first-class technology and professional experience. In 2006, Huadian Switchgear College was found on the basis of the original training system and the teachers selected elaborately from industry elites aim to provide staffs, customers, industry partners, suppliers and governmental agencies with professional trainings and to cultivate more and more specialized talents in this sector and society. In addition, Xiamen Huadian established PDP (People Development Program) trainee program with the purpose of building a career development programme to help all employees systematically achieve training in their professional skills by elevating their abilities to the job and guide them to reach their career peak.     

    Has been taken the “technological innovation” as its mission, Xiamen Huadian put 3% of operation revenue in concentrating on the research and development every year and has established considerable  long-term collaborations with recognized research institutions and remarkable colleges in domestic and global such as CEPRI, XIHARI, Wugao Power Electronics Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, German Voith, German IPH laboratory, University of Mannheim and Darmstadt University of Technology. Since the foundation, Xiamen Huadian has started to pay attention to the protection of intellectual property right and has already submitted 80 patent applications in total, 70 of which have been issued including 1 invention patent and 1 utility model patent in Germany, 4 invention patents and 50 utility model patens in China and has been continuously rated as “Xiamen model enterprise of intellectual property” and as “national experimental intellectual property unit” for enterprise and institution.

     In addition to contribute toattention to R&D and manufacture, Xiamen Huadian has developed a complete marketing network and distribution agencies in all regions. At present, our marketing network consists of five sale teams including power grid, regional,industrial, international and design institute promotion. Network covers the whole country and extends to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and other global area. In addition, a well-developed offices network are formed in many cities in China such as Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Wuhan, Xi’an and Guangzhou as well as the foreign countries such as Germany, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia to facilitate customers to Huadian’s products. By far, Xiamen Huadian has extended the products and services to fields in China’s State Grid, CSPG, CNPC, Sinopec, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Sanmen Nuclear Power Station, Baosteel, Beijing-Shanghai express railway and most industrial, business expansion and architectural areas in China and also occupied a certain market share in Germany, Poland, South Africa, Ukraine, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Chili, and etc.

    With the aim of strategic development at “to be a leader in  the research and development of world’s preferred intellectual PTD (Power Transmission and Distribution) and a world’s preferred manufacturer and service provider of PTD”, Xiamen Huadian integrates he global high-end technology, excellent administration talents, sophisticated manufacturing process and fine and perfect service in the field of intellectual PTD, imports independent innovation and development strategy in parallel and commit itself to the research, development, manufacturing and supply of the cost-effective intelligent PTD equipment of reliable performance and outstanding quality so as to constantly create the maximum value for customers and society.